Use the docu dramas to frame and define Hillary

Memo to Reince Priebus:

Thanks so much for showing some backbone in responding to plans by CNN and MSNBC to produce pro-Hillary docu dramas for showing in months up to the elections.

Here is a suggestion:  Use every discussion about those plans to define and frame Mrs. Clinton as the criminal (Whitewater) and coward (Ben Ghazi) that she is.

Use every invitation to discuss these proposed films to question whether the two networks will be addressing her downside as well as her upside characteristics.

You are from Wisconsin, Reince, an agricultural state where folks know how to hedge the prices of expected crop yields in commodities markets.  Which means that folks know that it has nver (repeat, never) been legal to open a commodities account witha $1,000 check.  As Hillary did once upon a time in Arkansas.

I could be an investing genius, too, if every day for a couple months the brokerage firm where my account was held put on a trade, giving me at day’s end only the winning side of it.

Frame her.  Define her.  Make her the damaged goods which she has always been.  Use the news peg of these films to pin the tail on this donkey.

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