Zimmerman Trial: To Kill a Mockingbird in Reverse

The trial of George Zimmerman is a modern day reversal of the trial of Tom Robinson.
You remember, the Tom Robinson charged in To Kill a Mockingbird with raping a white woman, Mayella Ewell.
In the book, gangs of Southern whites demand the lynching of Tom Robinson.
In Florida, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and black gangs demand the lynching of George Zimmerman. Zimmerman’s crime was to stand up for the residents of his community who were being victimized by break-ins committed generally by young blacks.
Spotting just such a person whose face was shrouded by hooded garment, he called the non emergency number. When Zimmerman was unexpectedly accosted by the teen, his nose was broken and his body thrown to the ground by the experienced mixed martial artist fighting thug.
Subjected to vicious ground and pound attack, Zimmerman pulled a gun and killed the thug.
For this he has been pilloried by the far left fringe, the victimization lobby, members of Congress, the President and the Attorney General. The local police chief who had sought to follow legal procedures was told: arrest Zimmerman or take the consequences. Result: the chief was fired.
In this case there is no Atticus Finch. No Boo Ridley and no engaging black (Robinson) family. In the book, Robinson is convicted and then killed. I fear that Zimmerman is convicted, sent to prison, and suffers justice as meted out by its thug population.
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