Netanyahu's July 29 invitation to the Romneys is a big deal

A good percentage of the Jews living in Florida, New York metro, Boston, Chicago and California do or will soon know that their holiday of Tisha B’Av is to be celebrated this year on July 29.

It is a sad day, commemorating the destruction of Jerusalem’s First Temple (by the Babylonians), Second Temple (by the Romans) and the expulsions of Jewry from England and Spain centuries later.

Here is the comment on behalf of Mitt’s campaign by Dan Senior, as reported in several publications:

“What better way for the Governor to understand the opportunities and the threats to Israel than to be there on a day when the people of Israel and Jews around the world commemorate and mourn the destruction of the Temple and of Jerusalem twice in their history.”

While it is true the Romney campaign has scheduled a big dollar fund raiser after sundown in Israel that night, the impact of this evening in the scheme of things is not likely to be tabulated by how much money is or is not collected there.

Rather,  it will be in the imprint on consciousness of the 60% of American Jewry who (polls say) continue to favor Obama over Romney.

Possibly, just possibly, it will dawn on some significant part of them that the Republican nominee for President understands just how difficult it must have been being tossed from one’s neighborhood, from one’s place of worship, from one’s nation of residence, time after time after time after time.

Possibly, but not probably, reporters from leading American newspapers and electronic media will be asking the President that day:  what is your take on this holiday, and how might it figure into the ties which bind our two nations together?