Obama's 'Other Son'

This is the crime http://www.tulsaworld.com/site/printerfriendlystory.aspx?articleid=20120320_11_A1_ULNSet211200&PrintComments=1

They met on a blind date on Thanksgiving 1946, and within a month, Bob and Nancy Strait were married.

For 65 years, the couple lived a happy life in Tulsa, raising their children and sharing their kindness with their family and everyone they met.

“In the evenings, that’s what we did: sit on the porch and pick guitar and sing,” said Lanora, one of their daughters.
Last week, that long marriage and happy family were torn apart by an apparent home invasion that left both Bob, 90, and Nancy Strait, 85, severely beaten. Nancy Strait died from her injuries. Bob Strait survived with a broken jaw and ribs and severe bleeding. Lanora said he could be released from the hospital sometime this week.

Here are some details:

Bob Strait was shot in the face with his own BB gun and suffered a broken jaw and cracked ribs.   Nancy was sexually assaulted and died of her injuries the following day.

Their assailants reportedly made off with the Straits’ television, a BB gun, and the couple’s Dodge Neon.

Police later charged Tyrone Dale Woodfork with murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and burglary in the case.  They say he was apprehended a short distance from the house, having just sold the victim’s television for $250 at a neighborhood gas station.

A British newspaper reports:

According to police reports, a witness spotted the Straits’ stolen car on Thursday afternoon and alerted the police. Officers stopped the car and took several people into custody. All but Woodfork were released.

A photo of Woodfork released by officials in Oklahoma seems to indicate that if Barack H. Obama had had a son, the boy would have looked like Woodfork.

Pictures of the defendant and victims are here: http://www.snopes.com/politics/crime/strait.asp#lmiotDQ35gGZDCpD.01