I hope it takes longer for morticians to remove the shells than it took doctors to remove the ball bearings

I’m still having trouble with the bombing of a Monroe, Michigan lawyer.

I just can’t get my arms around what kind of an American would put an improvised explosive device under the passenger seat of a car taking two boys to a football practice.

This from the NY Daily News:

Erik G. Chappell was driving his sons to football practice late Tuesday afternoon when a pipe bomb planted in his Volvo station wagon exploded.


Chappell, 42, was hurt, but his boys, Grant, 13, and Cole, 11, took the brunt of the blast and were more seriously injured.


Investigators told the Monroe Evening News that the plotter packed the pipe bomb with shrapnel and placed it inside the car under the passenger seat, where one of the boys was sitting at the time of the blast.

The Chappell bombing concerns me because I know Erik and the kind of person he is.  He represented me some time ago in a series of business disputes.

Perhaps the local bombing was even more in mind because of proceedings in New York this week to decide whether or not the United Nations should award national recognition to the Palestinian National Authority, without holding its residents to negotiating the terms and borders of such a state with the Israelis.

Even as the logo which Palestinians were using to put forward their nascent nation takes all of the present State of Israel.

Absent from the logo is any hint that Palestine consists of anything other than Arab territory. No nod is given even to the U.N.’s 1948 decision to divide the region into Jewish and Arab sectors. As for the shape of Israel by the time it was forced into waging the defensive Six Day war in 1967: irrelevant. The logo illustrates that the Palestinian bid before the U.N. for support of a unilateral declaration of statehood is disingenuous and dangerous.

There is not too much left to the imagination here: Israel is “wiped off the map.”  http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/palestinian-logo-suggests-elimination-israel_594027.html


So it was with all of this in mind this morning that I included the names of Erik, Grant and Cole Chappell at that point in the synagogue service when all are asked to pray for those who are ill, or facing difficult circumstances.


After the service, I asked the rabbi, “So, if you were Erik Chappell would you make peace with the person who did this?”  Without missing a blink, the cleric said, “Yes, I have to believe it is possible.”   Underneath it all, we were also addressing whether it is possible for the Israelis to make peace with a group that bombs its people and proposes to wipe it off the earth’s face.


Which is why, I admit to you, that Erik and the Chappells are better people than I.  This is from the statement they issued after the incident:


“As horrific as the bomb and its immediate aftermath were, we continue to be uplifted by the support we have received.  It is a testament that good will always overcomes evil.


My experience, and that of my people is less optimistic.  It is not clear to me that, “Good will always overcomes evil.”  Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt.


Meanwhile, my fondest hope is that when officers go to arrest the miscreant who planted that IED in Chappell’s Volvo, the suspect chooses fight over flight.  And that it takes longer for morticians to remove the shells from his body than it took doctors to remove the ball bearings from Cole’s and Grant’s legs.