Washington refuses MI request to purge illegal voters

The federal government is refusing to help Michigan delete non-citizens from its voter rolls, MI Secretary of State Ruth Johnson told WJR Radio’s Frank Beckman this week.

In an August 22 interview, she revealed that:

1.  “Thousands” of illegals are on the state’s voter rolls.

2.  The Social Security Administration has been asked to verify Michigan’s voter rolls, but refuses to do so.  Michigan has offered to send its data to Washington, preserving SSA privacy, but the federal agency nevertheless refuses to cooperate.

3.  The state has been asked to approve same-day registration, but declines to adopt it, because of obvious chances at fraud.

There is no transcript of the interview, but a podcast of it is available on the Frank Beckman page at www.wjr.com.  It should be accessible here http://www.wjr.com/FlashPlayer/default.asp?SPID=34613&ID=2267603

Respectfully, I suggest management of Redstate get her thoughts before readers directly.