Rush Limbaugh's New Tea on NPR's Michael Feldman Show

Was anyone else listening Saturday afternoon when Rush Limbaugh’s new bottled tea product turned up on Michael Feldman’s radio program ‘Whadya Know?’  (www.notmuch.com) this weekend?

At one point, Feldman asked callers to describe any Father’s Day gifts which wouldn’t be entirely appreciated.

One man called in, beginning the ‘interview’ by reporting he had just gotten what he wanted for the holiday:  “I got some of Rush’s new tea.”  Spurred on by Feldman, he described the brand of bottled ice teas launched this week by the political talk show host.  He didn’t mention the name, One if by Tea.

Feldman seemed unaware of the product launch.

Then, the caller added:  ‘Oh, and my wife gave me a margarita maker, because it’s her favorite drink.’

I had a wife like that once.