Memo to Linda McMahon: How to win CT Senate seat

Dear Mrs. McMahon:

I thought of you this week when reading an article in www.humanevents.com re the efforts by Obama administration to appoint and promote several marginal candidates for the Federal Judiciary.

One of these nominees in particular, Robert Chatigny, appears to be a key to gaining the female vote for your race.  Chatigny favors lenient sentences to sexual predators, and (although he was unanimously overturned by the US Supreme Court) once ruled Megan’s Law to be unconstitutional.

This is from the Human Events piece:

Robert Chatigny (Second Circuit)

As a federal district court judge in Connecticut, Chatigny did everything in his power to prevent the execution of confessed serial killer and rapist Michael Ross (the “Roadside Strangler”). Chatigny even claimed that Ross’ “sexual sadism” was a “mitigating factor” that made him less culpable for his crimes. Chatigny also has never given more than the minimum sentence in every child porn case over which he has presided, and found Megan’s Law to be unconstitutional (overruled unanimously by the U.S. Supreme Court).

    * Serial killer Michael Ross was convicted of the kidnap, rape, and murder of six Connecticut women ages 15 to 25. After granting two stays of execution, which were both reversed by appellate courts, Chatigny bullied Ross’ lawyer into filing for an additional stay despite the fact that, after almost 20 years on death row, the murderer didn’t want to appeal anymore. Chatigny asserted that the murderer suffered from death row syndrome, was not competent to waive further appeals, called him “the least culpable person on death row,” and argued that he “never should have been convicted” because his sexual sadism was a mitigating factor.

   * After the case concluded, prosecutors discovered that Judge Chatigny previously had been involved in the case as a private attorney, but failed to disclose it. His actions resulted in seven state prosecutors filing an ethics complaint against him and a Connecticut congressman calling for his impeachment.

    * Chatigny also has a long record of “downward departures” where has given a lighter sentence than the minimum recommended by the federal Sentencing Guidelines. For example, in the 12 child pornography cases he handled as a judge, he issued a sentence less than the minimum eight times and issued the minimum under the guidelines the other four times. He never once issued more than the minimum sentence in a child porn case.

    * He also struck down part of Connecticut’s Megan’s Law, requiring the registration of sex offenders, only to be reversed by a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court

As you must be well aware, there is an organization in your state comprised of mothers opposing your election.  They are at http://mothersopposingmcmahon.org/

Their only basis, it appears to me, is that you and Vince are the successful operators of an entertainment company featuring wrestling matches.

It seems to me that a combination of two things — in addition to the national issues of stopping Obama — can put you over the top.  Those two things:  Your lifestory and your (undoubted) support for Megan’s Law.  As a mother and grandmother yourself, I don’t even have to question your view of containing sexual predators.

So, let’s see:  Who do the mothers of Connecticut want to support:  A mother who would (I assume) do most anything to confront such low lifes, or a party which puts forward such a marginal candidate as Judge Chatigney.  I can imagine your suggestion that it wouldnt take a WWF wrestling star to put such a predator in his place.  Rather, a Senator who will stand up for all the Megans of this and every other state who would be better off, alive even, if such folks were left to rot in jail rather than being given Chatigny like sentences.

I must say that altho I consider myself somewhat well read, the details of your life story had escaped me and are extremely admirable.  Good luck and best wishes.  From Wikipedia:

Early life

McMahon was born Linda Marie Edwards[11] to Henry and Evelyn Edwards in New Bern, a city in Eastern North Carolina.[12] She was an only child and grew up as a “jock“, with interests in basketball and baseball. Her parents were both employees at the nearby Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, a military base. She was raised in a traditional, conservative family and attended Catholic Mass regularly.[13] During one Mass, Edwards, at the age of 13, happened to meet Vince McMahon, then 16.[14][15] Coincidentally, her mother worked in the same building as McMahon’s mother, although neither had met before.

Linda McMahon’s parents were both employees at nearby Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Vince’s mother became good friends with the Edwards family, and Vince, who had lived with several abusive stepfathers,[13] enjoyed the feeling of stability and love that he felt at the home.[13] Edwards and Vince dated throughout their high school years. She attended Havelock High School and Vince attended nearby Fishburne Military School, Vince two years her senior. During this time, Vince was a “permanent fixture” at her home,[16] spending hours with Linda and her family. He attended East Carolina University, studying business administration. Edwards was an Honors student in high school and had hopes of becoming a pediatrician.[17] Shortly after her high school graduation, Vince asked her to marry him. They married on August 26, 1966, when she was 17.[14][18] She enrolled at East Carolina University in 1966, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and gained certification to teach.[19] From 1968-1971, Vince worked as a traveling cup salesman before joining his father’s company, the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF).[20] Linda graduated college in three years so she could graduate together with Vince, and in 1970 their son Shane was born, with daughter Stephanie following in 1976.

Early career

In 1969 the McMahons moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland and Vince began working as an independent promoter with his father’s company, Capitol Wrestling, located in Washington, D.C. Linda took a job as a receptionist at the corporate law firm of Covington & Burling. At the firm, she translated French documents and trained as a paralegal in the probate department. Linda learned a great deal about intellectual property rights at the law firm, which she found very useful in her later career as a wrestling executive.[21][22]

Financially, the couple fared poorly for several years, and in 1976, while pregnant with her daughter Stephanie, Linda and her husband filed for bankruptcy. They also briefly received food stamps.[23], until her husband took on a 90-hour a week job at a rock quarry.[24]

By 1979 Vince had determined to start his own wrestling company. He purchased the Cape Cod Coliseum in Massachusetts and founded Titan Sports, Inc. in 1980. Vince and Linda held small hockey and sporting events in addition to wrestling at the Cape Cod Coliseum. At one point, Linda would cook meatball sandwiches to feed the fans at these sporting events.[25] As the company grew, Linda assisted Vince with administrative duties and used her knowledge of intellectual property to assist in trademark protection for the company. However, during much of her husband’s early career in the industry, Linda personally did not have much interest in professional wrestling.[26]

In 1982, Vince McMahon purchased Capitol Wrestling, better known as the World Wide Wrestling Federation, from his father. This made Vince the owner of a large regional wrestling company, well-established in the Northeast. He later expanded his market by airing WWF shows on national television.

In 1983 the McMahons moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, where they continue to reside as of 2010[update]. She also has 6 grandchildren.