To Imam Rauf: Is Barack Obama an apostate?

Memo to journalists expecting to question Imam Faisal Rauf on his return from Middle Eastern junket:

Pls consider the following line of questioning:

During your trip abroad, a major controversy has erupted in America over the question of whether President Barack Obama is Christian or Muslim.

The White House states unequivocally that Barack Obama is a Christian.  That he came in his late 20’s to accept Jesus Christ as his savior.

Imam, does this make the President an apostate?  Are you accepting of the decision the President made, and would you be comfortable if other Americans born Muslim were to make a similar decision?

Credit on this subject due to: http://www.redstate.com/diggingintothefacts/2008/10/22/does-it-matter-how-muslims-view-obama/ Red State diarist Diggingintothefacts.

Pls consider this an invitation to add other questions for the imam from the press.