Do the Americans, Brits, French and Germans really want an Iranian port on the Mediterranean?

All headlines indicate Israel is under pressure from the Western world, as well as the Muslim world, to lift the seige of Gaza.

The WSJ’s headline summarizes it:  Israel’s Isolation Deepens.  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704515704575282670417642484.html?mod=WSJ_hps_LEFTTopStories

President Benjamin Netanyahu’s message to other, Western nations pressing for Israel to fold the boycott:  be careful what you wish for.  To do so will mean opening the spigot of weaponry to the Hamas controlled territory.

I will go further than that. Israel cannot permit Iran to establish a Mediterranean port a few dozen kilometers from Tel Aviv and from Jerusalem. And I would go beyond that too. I say to the responsible leaders of all the nations: The international community cannot afford an Iranian port in the Mediterranean.

Fifteen years ago I cautioned about an Iranian development that has come to pass – people now recognize that danger. Today I warn of this impending willingness to enable Iran to establish a naval port right next to Israel, right next to Europe. The same countries that are criticizing us today should know that they will be targeted tomorrow.


News flash:  the Turks, despite NATO membership, are no longer in the Western sphere.  In this crisis, they are acting as agents of Iran.

If the Irish and Greeks — PIIGS  — have their way in breaking the boycott, then Hamas missiles up.  Not difficult to imagine cadres of Iranian soldiers in Gaza’s territories.

War comes, and it will.  Iran prevails.  Egypt folds to the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Levant, from Cairo northwards — Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey — is all tucked safely within the Iranian axis.

The Israeli president’s true message was not about Israel’s safety.  It was about theirs.

I hope that my worst fears are just that.