Conyers ruled indigent

Monica Conyers, that is.

Here is the story:

Judge declares Monica Conyers indigent

Doug Guthrie / The Detroit News

Detroit — Monica Conyers is indigent, according to a federal judge who has appointed a tax-funded public defender to help her appeal the three-year sentence she received last week for bribery conspiracy.

The former Detroit City Council president and wife of U.S. Rep. John Conyers Jr., D-Detroit, needs public assistance in her effort to overturn a deal she made to avoid trial on federal charges related to allegations of city contractor bribes.

The fact that her husband was paid more than $170,000 last year isn’t a consideration when calculating her ability to pay a lawyer. Federal law requires the determination of a defendant’s ability to hire a lawyer to be made without regard for the financial ability of the family.

It may just be that Congressman Conyers was underwhelmed when he heard the following
My husband is an older man, and my son is 14, and I have done everything this court asked me to do,” she said. “You asked me to quit my job. I did. You asked me to stay off television. I did. … You asked me to see a psychologist. I did.”
What is the expression?  Hell hath no fury like an older man scorned?