Canadian Jews leaving Liberalism; Haaretz

Canadian Jews are moving from Liberal to Conservative,  Haaretz newspaper reports.

“The Jewish community is not a large demographic, but it tends to be concentrated in a small number of seats… It looks like an ethnic group that could be separated from the Liberals.”

At stake are five or six closely contested seats in a parliament the Conservatives are just 10 votes short of controlling outright. Conservative success among Jewish voters, long regarded as a pillar of the rival Liberal Party, would mark a major realignment by Canadian Jewry.

“There’s a bit of a trend these days towards the Conservative Party,” said Mark Waldman, executive director of the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee, a nonpartisan group that promotes Jewish involvement in federal politics.

One can only hope the trend continues further south.

It isn’t all about Israel, as the article points out.

A typical case is Toronto’s Dan Ronen, a lawyer who was the Jewish community liaison to a former Liberal Cabinet minister. He plans to vote for Harper. “It doesn’t make me a Conservative,” he said. “I’m not a party activist. I’m supporting Harper because of his positions on antisemitism, on Iran and isolating [President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad, and for his unequivocal support for the State of Israel.”

Allow me to add my thoughts as an American and a Jew:  It’s not all about Israel. 

America is the finest society this world has ever produced.  It defines upward mobility.  It protects its women, educates its young, feeds its poor.  Had there been no America, the George Baileys of this world would have given way to continents of Pottersvilles.

It doesnt take a doctorate to see that regimes which wish us ill,  which trample our flag, behead our citizens, despise our freedoms, are to be repulsed not re-engaged. 

In a way it is as simple as the commercial:  Venezuela, Iran and North Korea despise us, our freedoms, our way of life.  They sponsor terrorism, seek to overturn the regimes of our friends.  They are bad.  Israel respects our freedoms, our science, our successes.  It is, despite the best efforts of our President, our friend.  It is good.

All the rest is just commentary.

The link is here http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ShArtVty.jhtml?sw=canada&itemNo=1137409

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