How they run elections at Harvard

The allegation:

Undergraduate Council Vice President Kia J. McLeod sent an e-mail to the entire student body from the official UC presidential account which alleged, among other charges, that Vice President-elect Eric N. Hysen ’11 had accessed the official voting software and tampered with the vote tally.

The resolution:

The Undergraduate Council voted to censure outgoing UC Vice President Kia J. McLeod ’10 for her role in the controversial November presidential election.


According to the censure resolution, which required 10 signatories to be brought to the general Council, McLeod “did knowingly abuse the power of her office” by collaborating with former UC Student Affairs Committee Chair Tamar Holoshitz ’10 and former UC presidential candidate Benjamin P. Schwartz ’10—both campaign staffers for former presidential candidate George J.J. Hayward ’11 and his running mate Felix M. Zhang’11—to send the “unsubstantiated e-mail” from the official [email protected] address. Furthermore, the resolution stated that by “officially distributing biased viewpoints as fact and therefore severely damaging the reputation of the [UC]…[McLeod] did violate ethical standards.”

The link:   http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2009/12/7/uc-council-presidential-election/

That’s right.  Amongst allegations that one candidate accessed voting machines and tampered with the electoral process, student government at the nation’s premier university voted to censure the whistle blower.

Her response:

“I really do feel that I took actions to rectify the problems that I am personally comfortable with…I personally didn’t have any bad intentions, it was just a critique of the process,” she said. “I am really sad that this has come to the point that it is affecting our productivity.”

There is a famous quote that the nation might be better served by the first 100 names in a phone book than by 100 Harvard graduates.  Depends which side of the election you’re on.