After Hearing from Conservative Donors

American Action Network has ended its campaign in support of  liberal Senator Dick Lugar. But Congressman Eric Cantor’s Young Guns program continues to campaign for Lugar and against conservative Richard Mourdock.  Why Cantor’s group even entered this Senate race is a mystery. But it is spending conservative dollars to demonize Mourdock.

Mourdock has earned the support of Steve Forbes, The NRA, The Club For Growth, and the American Conservative union.

Lugar has earned the title, Obama’s Favorite Republican. As the senior Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee he has legitimized Obama’s United Nation’s centered foreign policy and on numerous occasions he has backed Obama on domestic issues as well. Couple this record with his age and you would think even the Republican establishment would understand it is time for him to be retired.

But that is not the case. Cantor’s involvement is indefensible. The Young Guns program was established to elect new Republicans to the House. No donor supported the program to back an ancient (he is 84 years old) liberal Senator who should never have run for re-election.