Will NBC Report On Health Risks To Olympic Athletes

Tonight, The Jim Lehrer Report on PBS broadcast a segment on the serious health challenges all the Olympic athletes are facing in mega-polluted Beijing.

One athlete who had competed in Beijing last year recounted how he and other world class bicyclists became violently ill during a race. The World Champion marathoner was advised to run a shorter course because he was risking his life by running in the polluted environment.

Several scientists and doctors who have worked for the Chinese testified that China’s attempts at lowering pollution levels by reducing the number of cars and reducing factory operations have had no impact. They explained that Beijing is situated in between two mountain ranges which makes it an accumulator of pollution from afar.

To reduce exposure to the dangerous pollution, American athletes are warming up hundreds of miles from Beijing in places as far away as South Korea. They will show up in Beijing to register and on the day of their events.

One wonders why the Olympic Committee did not make the health of Olympic athletes a primary concern when they selected Beijing. The same question can be asked of the United States Olympic Committee.

This health risk and the internet censorship should be covered in depth by NBC News. Does anyone think it will be? What about the rest of the Main Stream Media?