Mostly Libertarian View


v  Adulthood:

We cannot reasonably define an adult by age. Some people are adults much later in life than others; some never become adults; some are adults early in their teens. Any person who is capable and prepared to care for himself or herself, support himself or herself, does not ask for charity is an adult regardless of age.


Yes, this means that teenagers can marry, have children, make contracts, suffer the consequences of bad decisions and enjoy the success of good decisions. Thus, it is not a crime to be successful and young. Henry II was king of England at 21.  Additionally, parents have a right and social obligation to kick loafer children out of the house and not allow them back.


v  Markets:

The free market is the only method of economics that works. Government intervention or control and regulation are anathema to the proper performance of markets and are always to the detriment of the poor and middle class.


v  Citizenship/Immigration:

Immigrants must pass a difficult test to become citizens and must speak English well enough to conduct basic business. Citizenship can be lost by criminal activity, treason, and by renouncing citizenship. Citizenship can be granted without other qualifications for military service in a combat role. Illegal Immigrants by definition are illegal and lawbreakers and must be deported to their country of origin or entry point at their expense. Legal immigration is the only method of entry.


New immigrants will only be offered the opportunity to achieve success but no support from the government in any form, thus ending the sad existence of the welfare system; unsuccessful immigrants will starve or return to their home country. TINSTAAFL*


v  Withdrawal from the union:

The individual states have the right to withdraw from the national government for any reason. States may vote to leave the union by a plebiscite vote of all legal adults.  States that withdraw from the union will be re-admitted by majority vote of the states registered voters.


v  State Sovereignty:

The powers delegated to the federal government are limited and defined. The federal government is a creation of the states. The sovereignty granted by the constitution to the federal government by the states is limited and can be revoked or changed by the states. 


v  Federal Government:

The only functions accorded to a federal government that make sense are national defense/foreign policy, and law enforcement. All other functions of Federal government contradict a free society and must be eliminated, privatized or returned to the states. The money saved will fund the federal government for years.


v  House of Representatives, Senate and Supreme Court

The legislative houses will meet for 10 days every year to repeal laws already on the books. The Supreme Court will again take on the responsibilities of the pre-Marshal court and only review decisions made by lower level courts for errors in application of law. Constitutional issues between the branches of government will be open to debate. Legislators will be elected by random selection every year since their function is to repeal law legislative experience is not required.


v  Guns/weapons:

An armed citizenry is more polite and law abiding. It is the responsibility of every citizen to be armed not only for personal defense but to defend oneself, family and community against the government when it becomes tyrannical; there are no limits to the weaponry one can own from a pocketknife to nuclear weapons.


v  Speech

The free market of speech and thought is beneficial and essential to a liberated society; to limit speech because it is or might be offensive is to limit freedom.  There is no such thing as “hate speech”. No one has a right to be listened to, only to speak his or her opinions. The people must exercise their right to ignore speech that they find personally offensive; stop asking the government to do it as it only makes the government more tyrannical and oppressive. Silence quiets bad speech faster than dispute.


v  Privacy 

In a free society, adults have the right to be private in any actions of their life. It is an adult’s choice to make known what, if any, information is disclosed, including financial, and sexual relationships. Actions that injure or cause injury to others are by definition illegal and no longer private.


v  Abortion:

Abortion is infanticide; there is no moral difference between Spartans exposing unwanted children to the elements and aborting a female child in favor of a male or a Down’s syndrome child, however, the issue of caring for living children has some moral primacy. That does not make it better, but most moral decisions are between bad and worse. The moral high ground is reserved for saints.


v  Marriage:

Marriage is a social positive when the care and welfare of children is the most important motivation for the marriage, thus, marriage between any group of adults who can provide the necessary love and support for children is proper. If the children are appropriately loved and cared for; then the marriage is socially sanctioned regardless of sex or number of partners. A polygamous, polyandrous or homosexual or for that matter a polygamous/polyandrous homosexual family may provide more stability for the raising and protection of children than the standard monogamist family. Can we honestly say that standard monogamist families have done all that well?



v  Homosexuality

If it fits your personal goals and needs for love and friendship then enjoy it, but the singular reason that we have two sexes is the special bonding that is possible between man and woman. That is not to say same sex relationships cannot achieve it but it is much more difficult.


v  Charity:

Charity is not a function of government, nor is it a function of government to encourage private individuals to provide charity to their community. Thus, the tax credit to charities and churches must be eliminated. Religion must compete in the open market. TINSTAAFL*


v  Taxes:

Taxes will be set as an unchanging percentage of income not amendable by law, other than to reduce the percentage; at which time the tax percentage is locked and can never be increased to the old level. It is government’s responsibility to live within its means. The function of the free market is to allow citizens to prosper without confiscatory taxes. Governments institute usage fees when they are aware that the prevailing tax rates are excessive. Usage fees are a tax by another name and will be eliminated.


The amount of money available to government is in direct proportion to the prosperity of the people. In times of emergency, the government can ask for additional monies from the citizens, but has no authority to compel compliance. The people will vote on the issue with their dollars. Foolish adventures and wars will be avoided in this manner.


State and local taxes will be set in the same manner once and for perpetuity.


v  Business:

Business is regulated by the exchange in the free market and competition. Business taxes are set at the same percentage of income as for individual taxpayer and will not be changed except to be reduced.  


v  Education:

Parents are the most significant educators in a child’s life. It is the obligation of parents to provide the basic essentials before children enter school. Government funded education is costly, mind numbing to students, and lacks efficacy.  All public education must be turned over to the free market. Yes, this means that government school instructors will be challenged to become real teachers or they must find real employment.  Schools that truly educate their students will succeed others will close for lack of students.


v  Intelligence

The most certain capital offence is a lack of intelligence. There is no social stigma, however, people with low intelligence are condemned by nature to die more often and younger from circumstances beyond their control. The second most certain capital offence is the failure to use intelligence.


v  Pornography:

Limiting pornography is like damming water. It can be stopped for a while but keeps coming out somewhere because it seeks its own level. Best alternative is for parents to control what comes into the home; then the kids can find ways to defeat parental control. Do not ask the government to make laws, either enjoy it or do not. It is an individual choice; that bothersome adult issue again.


Like all other forms of speech, silence by turning it off will render it flaccid. If you do not like it, or choose to not tolerate it walk away.


v  Drugs

Every advanced society in history has drugs of some kind; some attempt to control access more than others do. The sad commentary is that control always fails. As long as there is a market then drugs will be available. Parents have a duty to keep drugs away from their children; however, adults have a right to poison their body in any method they choose. The caveat is that society has no obligation to offer support of any kind to drug users, except perhaps a quick funeral.  


v  Health Care

Health care is not a right, nor is it an obligation placed on government to provide. Individuals must seek health care on the free market, without interference or control by the federal government, state control and regulation of license of medical doctors is appropriate. The cost of health care will fall with and in direct proportion to the openness of the market.


v  Crime

Most crime is the gloomy result of a lack of respect for others and the opportunity, perceived by criminals, to commit a crime. The first layer of law enforcement is the armed citizen. The second is sure and certain punishment for the crime. Killing a robber should not be a felony, perhaps a misdemeanor; like disturbing the peace.










v  The Human condition

The most volatile and dangerous creature on the planet is man. We are killers it is part of our genetic composition. Under the right conditions, each of us will act to protect our family, friends, community or country. Additionally, many people ask to be killed by their behavior or personality and are often the cause of much heartache to their families and community. Each of us must understand ourselves and where the line is and what it would take us to kill without either remorse or second thought.



There is no such thing as a free lunch, get over it.