Treatment of Tiger Woods

Like so many others, it was a real "downer" to see the fall of the image of Tiger Woods.  As a golf enthusiast it was a breath of fresh air to see at least one major sports figure that appeared to be a great role model for our kids.  But I should have known that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.  Man is a fallen creature.  It’s something the liberals never seem to realize as they keep asking for us to place are faith in mere men of government.

So how should Tiger Woods be looked upon after these revelations?  Some are happy about his fall and feel he deserves whatever misery that comes to him.  Others feel it is his private life and none of our business. (That would fall in with the Bill Clinton crowd).

Tiger Woods was a public figure.  He owed his fame and financial rewards to the public.  It seems fitting the public should know about his failings.  Should he be hammered and his privacy be infringed upon over it?  Maybe so, maybe no.  But what I do know is that exposure of such unacceptable (well, at least to some of us) behavior is what deters people from it.  And the bigger public figure you are the bigger fuss that should be made of it.  That Woods was so reckless about his escapades is even more troubling and suggests more of a mental condition than cheating on his wife.  It is the lack of exposure and condemnation of behavior that have us where we are today in our culture.  PC as made us hesitant to condemn any type of behavior.  But exposure and condemnation controls behavior far more than any law can do.   Out-of-wedlock births have resulted in the chaos it has precisely because because it has become accepted.  And the more the communities accept it, the higher the numbers go.

So I love to see Tiger Woods play golf and know he does much for the game.  But knocking kings off their thrones because of their bad behavior does much more for our culture.  We shouldn’t look to our hearts for guidance.  We should welcome the condemnation.  If Tiger Woods turns himself around we will know it and he will again rise in the minds of his fans.  But for now, let him do service to the culture and society in his embarrassment and condemnation.  He deserves it.  And he can serve our culture much more in his fallen state than he lifted up golf.

We should rejoice in any bad behavior that is exposed for condemnation.  Otherwise, it is accepted.

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