Palin Will Not Run for President in 2012

Palin has shown a resilience in coming back in popularity on her book tour.  But we forget the power of the liberal media and pop culture entertainment.  I would like to see her in the U.S. Senate and run in 2016 or, maybe 2020 after four years of a Republican beginning in 2012.  I don’t know if I am willing to take the chance on her running in 2012.  There has been a template set and it is doubtful she can overcome it.  Just a gaff or two and Palin will be toast.  And if she doesn’t make them the media will invent them. The media and entertainment still have great influence and the average voter is ignorant of most issues and gullible for the liberal line.  While I believe the power of the MSM will continue to decline over the next decade, it will not be powerless by 2012.

Barring a complete financial meltdown any presidential election will turn on 3-5 percentage points.  I believe the media and entertainment gives the Democrat at least a 10 percent advantage. I love Palin and, barring another more promising candidate, I would like to see her give it a shot.  But we must be honest with ourselves.  Palin could wind up being a big loss. She is still unproven in her skills of handling the press.  There will be a war and Palin must be up to that challenge.  Face it, she has to win the ignorant and the gullible, not just the  true believers. Then on the other hand, if Democrats win in 2012 we are likely finished as a country anyway.  But I believe Palin will look at the polls come 2011 and see she cannot win due to the hammering the media will give her between now and then.  She may be damaged goods regardless of how we feel.  If her popularity holds up under the fire she will take the next year, that will be a good sign and let the games begin.

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