I am not optimistic

While we hear a lot of optimism about how the public is turning against Democrat policies and their efforts to socialize the government, I can’t be optimistic.  Things that once were so basic in our culture and government have been turned upside down with very little objection on the surface.  Are there boiling masses down underneath the static?  Maybe so.  But I don’t see it.  What is happening today should precipitate an uproar.  But what do we have;  Obama with a approval rating up around 50%; a radical, leftist congress going about their business as though a great majority is on their side and rumblings in the conservative sphere but nothing but a few thousand here and there seeming to care much about it.

Sure, the Dems lost the Virginia and New Jersey governorships and that is certainly a good sign but with small majorities on such matters it is disturbing.  We see apathy all around on some very important issues.  And we have independents, I believe, that can very well go either way, ignoring important issues with a little bit of good news.  I fear Democrats only need to have a little good news next summer to push these independents right back into the Democrat column.  Our problem is about a third of the electorate with little principles other than what they think is “good” for them.

There is a lot more at stake in the next elections than what is “good” for people.  What we have is an attack on our very foundations of the nation.  And we must depend upon mush moderates to protect it.