Why Republicans Provide A More Honest Government

We may soon see what many of us expected was true; the Obama people made sure Obama contributors did not suffer Chrysler closings.  It was and is impossible for me to believe that Obama and his cronies would be non partisian in closing Chrysler dealerships.  The “Chicago Way” is now firmly implanted in Washington and is openly being employed in virtually every facit of the administration so I would doubt that Chrysler (or GM for that matter) could escape this corrupt administration as they are confident the cult following will go along and the MSM will protect them.

Which brings to view as to why Republicans give us a much more honest and ethical government when they are in power.  No, it may not be because Republicans are any more free of corruption or ethical lapses than Democrats (although I could likely make a good case for it given the opportunity).  It is due to the fact that Republicans are hated by the MSM and the media are always looking for opportunities to discredit and/or embarrass Republicans.  They do their constitutional job when Republicans seek power.  The result is that Republican corruption is rooted out and unethical behavior is exposed.  Of course, the innocent Republicans are caught up in it as well as the media try to assure the election of Democrats in the next election cycle.  But, inadvertently, the media give us a more honest government in the process as long as Republicans control the government.

The problem is that this usually results in Democrats dominating elections following Republican dominance.  And THAT is where our problems begin.  Corruption will explode (as we see today) when Democrats gain power.  But it is for TWO reasons.  First, the MSM will do what they can to see that Democrats stay in power and will ignore corruption in plain sight as well as cover up for corruption and unethical conduct on the part of Democrats.  Any such behavior exposed by the internet or the few conservative media sources will result in the MSM going all out to excuse the Democrat behavior.  Instead of investigative reporting they will seek out those sympathizing with Democrats and flood the airways with excuses and equally bad behavior by Republicans.   Secondly, the Democrat base will excuse almost anything of a liberal and together with the MSM they can sway the ignorant and gullible (a large part of the voting public).  On the other hand, the conservative Republican base will demand immediate resignation from Republicans who are exposed.

The result is a large imbalance in the electibility of candidates in the two parties and almost guarantees that liberal Democrats, and the corruption and lack of ethics that comes with them, will dominate.  Add to all this the liberal influence of entertainment, the liberal brainwashing in academia (turning our wave after wave of ignorance and historical lies) and the day after day pounding of the liberal media elevating Democrats and you see a dim view of what the future has to offer for the nation.  And as secularism smothers the value system religion provides we may be in a whirlpool now too strong to keep us from being sucked into the abyss.