Can We Now Say the Truth?

Now, let’s explain it very carefully.

Pelosi did what Democrats do…..they lie or distort whenever it is politically expediant.  To leftists, i.e. Democrat leadership, political power is paramount.  They have no religion other than their liberal agenda.  Once we get that straight in our minds then all the rest is easy.

Although Pelosi hated America back after 9/11 just as much as she hates it now, she saw what was poltically correct back after 9/11.  Liberals sense what they can get away with and will moderate in times where it is necessary.  It was not the time to be bashing America.  The “thing” to do back then was to get the terrorists and protect America.  The normal dupes Democrat liberals could depend upon pre 9/11 had been caught up in the patriot thing and Pelosi knew she would have to play the game for a time.  Leftists like Pelosi however never for a minute change their thinking.  They simply knew that polls showed liberalism would be discredited even among their usual dupes if they bashed the country like they normally liked to do.

Pelosi and her bunch had to change tactics for a time.  They were convinced, as most of us were, that it was impossible to prevent another attack on the U.S. in the coming year or so after 9/11.  So they changed tactics to make the claim Republicans were not making us safer and that we were in just as much danger from another terrorists attack, or even more so, than before.  Remember that?  This, they thought, would put them in position to say “I told you so!” when that next inevitable attack came.  And, of course, they hoped the next attack would come as long as none of their own loved ones were in the line of fire.

Now, where Pelosi got in trouble is when Bush got reelected and the Iraq war went poorly for awhile.  Then Abu Graib came along and “torture” became the new Democrat “gotcha” tactic of the day.  Pelosi, being the political opportunist she is, saw the opportunity to beat Republicans about the head with “torture” claims and couldn’t resist the chance despite her previous acceptance of waterboarding and other interrogation tactics.   You must understand that Pelosi, like most leftists, has no concerns about principle as everything is based upon political advantage.  She now saw that “torture” could resonate with the American people.  The gullible could once again be depended upon and had lost the patriotic fervor that 9/11 had generated years ago.  Pelosi now felt confident to do a 180 degree flip-flop and get away with it.

Pelosi figured she could flip-flop with little consequence.  After all, Democrats do it all the time and can be confident the MSM would turn a blind eye.  But she miscalculated.  Her lying was too blatant.  The liberal press will normally make something like this a one day story and give any Democrat a pass.  But Pelosi kept changing her story and making the story grow.  Now, the press senses, like Obama and other leftist Democrats, that Pelosi may actually be hurting the agenda and they may be toying with the idea that if this gets any worse Pelosi might have to be thrown under the bus.  They figure this may not be all that bad since Pelosi has terrible personal poll numbers and is so openly partisian it makes it more difficult to mask their true agenda.  Democrats have learned over the years that if their leaders have a calm demeanor and trusting tone they can snooker the majority of voters every time and pass an agenda the majority of Americans do not want.  Obama claimed in his book that he could disarm whites by doing this.  Pelosi does not fit this mold and if she gets to be too much of a burden Obama figures he can cut his losses with her early on and get someone as the Speaker having a tone that can fool people much easier.  And make no mistake, the Obama agenda depends upon fooling the public over and over until we are in the clutches of government so deep there will be no exit.

Pelosi may be in trouble.  It depends upon if the MSM chooses to help her or not.  And the MSM will look to Obama for the signal.