Spector example of a good time to rebuild

The Republican Party has to begin to rebuild on the basis of a firm foundation.  This can never be accomplished dragging around the weight from the likes of Spector, Collins, Snowe or even McCain.  Now that Spector has given the Dems the 60 votes they need for cloture it would be a good time to send Collins and Snowe packing as well.  McCain may or may not choose to stick around but let him go as well and make it known moderates can well be accepted and contribute to the Republican Party but liberal Republicans should go where their heart resides.  At least we will then know the odds.

The problem is that Republicans no longer have a brand partly due to liberal Republicans in the ranks throwing a wrench in everything.  Snowe, Collins and McCain love the attention they receive from going up against Republican efforts and love that adoration more than their loyalty to the Republican Party.  This permits the liberal media to make THEM the story when the legislation at hand needs to be the focus.  Casting off these chains would send the signal that  Republicans are serious about what they stand for.  It very well might take several election cycles before voters turn back to conservatism but we know that liberalism will fail.  It will once again create a “misery index” that will cause the middle to again break back to the right; even if it is their only choice.  But carrying the weight of liberal Republicans simply prevents progress.  Let them go!  Let them take the responsiblity of the calamity that is sure to come.  In that way the choice will be clear.