The Only Thing More Dangerous Than A Liberal With A Fake National "Crisis" Is A Liberal With A REAL One

Liberal Democrats soon to be in charge of the government have always searched for ways to spend money they do not have whether in the majority or minority.   Creating a “crisis” has been their chosen tactic to distract voters and use “the sky is falling” strategy to justify deficit spending.  The health care “crisis”, the global warming “crisis”, the education “crisis”, the energy “crisis”, the unemployment “crisis”, and on and on it goes.  And even when a problem is real it can usually be traced back to unintended consequences of previous legislation pushed on the basis of another “crisis”.  With about 25% of voters willing to vote for even a serial murderer as long as they were perceived as liberal and another 40% who look to The Comedy Channel, Saturday Night Live and Rolling Stone magazine for their “news”, it’s not difficult to hoodwink enough voters sufficiently blind, ignorant or misinformed to get to a winning 51%.