Stop telling me a vote for Hillary or Trump is the Christian vote. 

You have seen the articles, tweets, posts and memes telling us that we have to vote for Hillary or Trump as it is the Christian or moral thing to do. The most popular of which seems to be an article from Rachel Held Evens (supporting Hillary) and one from Wayne Grudem (supporting Trump). In MY article I am asking you to stop posting these articles. Stop retweeting the tweets and stop posting the memes. They are not helpful. 

I honestly do not care who you vote for. I even encourage you to use your voice and try to persuade people to your side, I am only asking that you stick to policy and facts and leave our Christian faith out of it. 

There is no moral or Christian choice for President this election. (Say that 2 times)

We have people in this race who are immoral. The validity of their Christianity is dubious at best.

There’s Trump who admits to never seeking forgiveness of his sin, boasts of said sin, and jokes about not getting into heaven if he does not win the election. According to scripture he is missing a major part of the redemption process and at best is unrepentant. Then we have Hillary who is obviously a demonic Robot created in the depths of Hell itself. (I am joking there… kinda ) With this, they both give us standing to use worldly pragmatism to support one or the other as demonstrated in the articles mentioned above. 

Here is a tweet from a “leading conservative talk show host” that voting for Trump is a moral obligation along with a tweet from me (shameless twitter plug) showing the absurdity of the presumption. 


Yes there will be consequences to who wins. Some of those consequences may affect you and the practice of your faith. As Christians, however, our worldly consequences should not outweigh our duty to serve Christ. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego did not worry about the worldly consequences of death when faced with the fiery furnace.  

I am not telling you not to use this pragmatic reasoning to make your decision. I am not asking you not to try to persuade others to vote for your candidate of choice. I am simply asking that for the love of God (literally), stop saying it is the Christian or moral choice. It is not. It is a choice based on a world view of earthly consequences. Each time we tell others to vote for one of these immoral and ungodly people based on our faith or morals we unwittingly place them as a spokesperson of our faith. They clearly are not the best representatives.

In closing let me say I am an unashamed Christian. I am also a sinner. I mess up every day and every day I seek forgiveness and hope to do better. God can use flawed people. Take heart knowing regardless of which of these flawed humans may be voted President, God can still use them. Maybe he will use the one you didn’t choose and maybe they will be used for lessons rather than reward. Let us do our part to make sure they are not used in the election process to water down or misrepresent the Christian faith or loosen the definition of morality.