The Truth About Betrayal

Sarah Palin was recently at Politicon to stump for Trump and she talked about betrayal. She said:
“So, why is Trump winning? Why do we see these floating heads still not grasping this movement? It’s so obvious. Voters are really sick and tired of betrayal.”

Before we go on, let me point out I have supported Palin. I stood up for her on many occasions regarding her treatment by the media vs. how they treated Joe Biden. Biden says silly things but is treated like a genius while Palin got a raw deal in how she was portrayed. I saw her speak at a woman’s conference in 2011 and very much enjoyed her. She is entertaining & I often agreed with her policy points. So long story short, I am not a “hater,” I have even been a defender.

Now that my defender credentials are noted let us disect this sentence:

1. Why is Trump winning? 

Some would say that he is not winning. Latest polls show Hillary up by double digits.

And as far as winning in the primaries, he won a plurality not a majority, which means that yes he did have a record number of people voting for him but he had even more who voted against him.

2. Why do we see these floating heads still not grasping this movement?

I don’t know what a floating head is supposed to be but most people grasp the movement quite well. Part of the movement has been there from the beginning, they will not see any flaws or issues with Trump no matter what happens and if they do see the flaws they do not care (see Trump shoot someone on 5th avenue comment). The other part is the very reluctant GOP who preferred someone else but who find Hillary worse. Her assertion that those of us who find both Hillary and Trump repulsive don’t understand the movement is ludicrous. We not only understand it, most of us saw it coming a long time ago and tried to stop it as far back as August 2015. 

3. Voters are really sick and tired of betrayal.

Yes we are but those of us who despise Trump and Hillary feel betrayed by people like her. We see former conservatives like Palin or Hannity as the betrayers. They sold out conservatives for a big personality and decided early on that Trump was the guy and they would bend any and every value we hold to excuse and apologize for him. The betrayal occurred when the “Palins” of the movement began pretending like Trump was a conservative. He isn’t. I talked about what conservatism is in my last piece and Trump isn’t one. 

Do we feel betrayed? YES WE DO. We thought we were on the same side for the last 8 – 12 years. We were all against the establishment and suddenly when we want to adhere to conservatism and will not vote further left of Romney we’re called part of the establishment? That is not only wrong, it is infuriating. 

So yes Mrs. Palin, we do feel betrayed, but the truth about betrayal is there has to be trust in place to feel betrayed. Sixty percent of us feel more betrayed by people like you and Mr. Trump because we did not have much trust in the establishment to begin with. When this is over, all of us, whether supporters of Trump or not, are the ones who have been betrayed, because people like you turned your backs on real conservatism for a sound byte with a big personality.