Milbank Puzzled By "The Obama Doctrine" Resorts To Palin Derangement Syndrome Again

Like so many on the left who are now having to defend a president who is involved in a new war, or “kinetic action” Dana Milbank of “Palin moratorium month” fame struggles with how to respond to what the left spent years attacking the Bush administration for.

At least Kuchinich and a few others are being true to their beliefs and some of the far left “progressive’ blogs like Crooks&Liars commentators have walked away from Obama but the Washpost and Beltway denizens are struggling-poor them.

Here is Milbank on President Obama and the newly minted “Obama doctrine” which Jon Stewart lampooned in a devastating contrast with JFK’s “Fight any foe” speech

“And it’s true that after the good versus evil, binary logic of the Bush years — you’re with us or you’re with the terrorists — Obama’s answer is vague and unsatisfying.
On the other hand, maybe the lack of a fixed doctrine isn’t such a bad thing. Being doctrinaire, after all, got the last guy into quite a bit of trouble. Everybody knew what the Bush doctrine was — at least, everybody but Sarah Palin (“in what respect, Charlie?”). 
Hello??  Everybody knew what the “Bush doctrine” was? Not according to Bill O’Reilly “there is no precise definition of the Bush doctrine”
But that doesn’t matter, in the Lefts thrashing about trying to defend something they have railed against they have hit on the diversion they think will remove the stain of hypocrisy-attack Sarah Palin.It is interesting that he finds her “newsworthy” again which was the standard set for mentioning her name after the “moratorium”. 
And, for goodness sake, she mispronounced “skirmish.” That alone is enough to justify for them the actions of  this president who got the nomination by having voted against the Iraq war whilst Clinton voted for it and is now involved in three wars.
If this war turns out badly in conception and action, especially if  there is loss of American lives then attacking Palin whilst defending President Obama will hold only one side open to ridicule-and it won’t be the Palin side. In the meantime perhaps Milbank should seek professional help for  his returning PDS.

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