John Bolton As Vice-President-Palin's Cheney ? (And Tribute To Geraldine Ferraro)

As with Sarah Palin and many others I add my condolences at the passing of Geraldine Ferraro. Her historic achievement as the first female vice-presidential candidate set a new framework for American politics. That it took 64 years after American women were allowed the vote showed the strength of the opposition to change, and the fortitude she had to carry off her role with the honor she did.

In looking to the next election and the possible historic situation of having the first female presidential candidate or president the question of which person,manor woman who would be best suited as vice-president arises

According to the poll I ran which was substantially responded to from from Palin supporting sites new congressman Allen West was the run-away choice as a Vice-President for Palin if she runs in 2012.

West certainly has some very positive aspects to him as a potential running mate, not least helping to put the crucial state of Florida in play, but there is a massive gap in his CV which, in my opinion, negates him as a potential running mate. 

There is no history of any legislative experience on his part-a matter which weighs heavily in the mind of the public when they look at a ticket and ask themselves “if anything happens to the potential president would the potential Vice-president have the experiences to step straight into the job?”

Even  though Governor Palin had a record of substantial managerial and legislative experience she still came under strong attack in her 2008 VP run as somehow lacking in those areas.This was of course ironic given that candidate Obama had a much smaller record in those areas-but the leftist media was selective in its outlook of course.

To think that the same media would not continue their attack on Palin’s record, emboldened even further by not having to defend President Obama as not having a legislative/managerial history is disingenuous. 

To imagine that they would not attack West as having no record and making Palin have to constantly defend her choice in that respect,wasting precious media time, is beyond being disingenuous.

In the “Choose A Vice-President For Palin” poll the only  other candidate beside West who showed relatively strongly, in fact the only other one to get into double figures, was Rudy Giulliani. 

Giulliani a national hero, has a long record of experience in management, is acceptable on the pro-life issue, has extensive foreign connections, is a Catholic and also might assist with putting Florida in play, given the substantial time he has spent there, and his connection with ex-New Yorkers who have retired there.

There are some difficulties with Giulliani, appreciating that there is no such thing as the “perfect” candidate, which include his lacklustre presidential run in 2008, and his personal marriage history, which might not resonate to well with some conservative Christians. 

That said, it is still my opinion that his positives well outweigh any negatives, and he would most certainly bring a strong element of stability, positivity, and a no- nonsense approach. He would make an excellent spearhead for Palin who could concentrate on policy and not be charged with divisiveness.

However, should Giulliani’s negatives  be seen as an impediment to his being chosen there are two others who would add the needed gravitas to a Palin run. I have canvassed Condoleezza Rice as potential running mate as her foreign policy credentials are beyond reproach. 

Frankly speaking her candidacy would be a very powerful antidote to the, sure to happen, background campaign against both Palin and especially the GOP, as somehow “racists.” Further, as a ticket with two women, it would be a very strong magnet to the women of America who are, after all, a majority. It would be an historic draw for many to see not one, but two women occupying the highest offices in the land.

To this point Rice has given no indication of any interest in the 2012 election, but there is another option-John Bolton who would bring a similar very high level of gravitas and experience to the ticket. Bolton impresses more each time I see him. 

His latest appearance on Great Van Susteren’s show, discussing the conflict in Libya, was absolutely straightforward, incisive, and insightful. He has a wealth of foreign policy experience at his fingertips and tells it as it is. He presents an absolutely clear set of ideas which he expresses forcibly, and would make an outstanding debater who would of course more than hold his own against Biden.

Bolton appeared to have considered a presidential run himself, but there has been little poll response, and he seems to have placed the concept aside. He appears very much cast in the Cheney mould as a person who garners substantial respect for his honesty, forthrightness, experience and gravitas, but whose personality, lacking in the unique factor of charisma, is perhaps not suited for a presidential run. 

On the other hand, Bolton  can add, as Cheney did for Bush, special factors to balance the ticket . These would give the voting public confidence that  the VP could step straight into the presidency if needed.

Bolton is an excellent choice for Palin and a Palin/Bolton ticket would have an excellent chance of victory.

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