Levin "Corporate Hate At Politico For Palin". 13 Recent Palin "Articles" Proves It

Mark Levin knows a campaign when he sees one.

How anyone could possibly deny,with a straight face that is, that there is not a concerted media campaign against Sarah Palin is beyond me. The question has to be asked, over and over as no one has come up with an answer “Why, if Palin is such a no hoper on all fronts and has no chance of getting the GOP nomination-much less beating Obama-is the media mounting an endless,two years and counting, campaign of denigration against her which is unparalleled in American political history?”

Here is what Levin said and here are 13 of the  most recent Politico stories.To say that this is a “balanced’ presentation is ludicrous.

MARK LEVIN/FACEBOOK:  The corporate hate for Sarah Palin at Politico is obvious.  The latest is here http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0311/51218.html
In fact the depth of the Politico hate campaign is striking if these 13 articles from their last 20 are listed (plus there are others at their “GOP12” site)
Cover for new book on Palin revealed . any indication of what’s in the book about it doesn’t look positive.

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