If Palin Is Not The Nominee-Dem's Will Reap the Whirlwind From Palin Unleashed

Once again the liberal forces show their short sighted stupidity, it seems they learned nothing from the Reagan years, by continuing on with their endless campaigns of hate, ridicule, mocking, lies and outright vilification of Sarah Palin.

If, as they say, Palin is stupid, dumb, vacuous, near illiterate, a grifter, an has-been, a quitter, and too polarizing to ever get the GOP nomination-much less win the presidency, then why would they spend over two years wailing and gnashing their teeth at such a person who has, apparently, no hope whatsoever?

One would think that the pure logic of the situation would move the liberals to pump up Palin’s chances and praise her to the skies as the one to beat, the threat to Obama and etc, whilst pulling out all the stops to give her the best coverage possible. If she is such an easy beat and “would ensure Obama wins a second term in a landslide after he destroys her in the debates” then, surely, she would be the best candidate the Republicans could possibly put up against Obama from the lefts point of view?

Something is wrong with the current political situation. Either the progressives are so imbued with blind hatred towards Palin that they are acting against their own best interests (as they see them) by attacking the easiest candidate to beat or, they recognize the danger she actually does present to Obama’s re-election and, whilst deprecating her by any means possible as a loser etc, are in reality afraid of her.

If their actions are caused by blind hatred, because of Palin’s dedication to life, her refusing to play the Beltway game, her independence of mind, her ability to attack the policies of President Obama, then the left is making the exact same mistake they made with Ronald Reagan.

They used the same sarcastic, deprecating attack methods against him and lost three straight campaigns to the GOP. If using the tactic of attacking Palin as a spent force etc, whilst using this as a cover to try and block the one candidate they genuinely fear, the end result may be one of making a rod for their own backs.

If Palin decides to run and, due to the unrelenting media campaign against her she does not get the nomination, the left will find they have unleashed a tiger they will certainly be unable to ride from that point on. They will have sown the wind and will reap the whirlwind. If Palin was, as McCain described her in the 2008 campaign, “my spearhead” the sight of a Palin unleashed in 2012 will be a sight to behold.

In the heat of the 2012 campaign Palin could, with her army of supporters, and the vast crowds she would gather for her campaign stops in support of the nominee, make the 2008 campaign seem a dolls picnic in comparison.

Freed from the constraints of handlers, of running for office herself, of having to “tack to the middle” and without caring about what the media says about her, whilst being financially independent and not having a political office to run, Palin, in full flight would make the Dem’s rue the day they tried to bring her down.

We will see the “Mama Grizzly” rearing up to majestic height, and in full roar, as she tackles the record of the Obama administration. Tackles the administrations lackey’s in the media, and most importantly calls out the president himself on his record, fearlessly, factually, and, importantly, whilst unable to be ignored.

The media have created their own worst nightmare in their short sighted policy of attack, and will be repaid ten times over in their own coin by an unrestrained Palin in this scenario. They better pray she does get the nomination which would help to temper her righteous rebuttal to their despicable campaign against her.
Original post at ; M.Joseph Sheppard’s “A Point Of View”