Doesn’t translate well into English

Some ask the question, “why or should English be the official language of the United States?” The answer to that question, it already is. The reason that it is, is simple. It was Great Britain that the thirteen colonies were separating from and writing the declaration of Independence in French wouldn’t have translated as well when king George got a copy. Some might want Americans to think, it was because only Englishmen lived in the Colonies. In reality it was because an English speaking nation ruled the colonies, so immigrants to this land from other countries learned and understood the language of the rulers. So, for these reasons the Union’s first official document was written in English.

When the States wrote their constitutions, all used the English language so it was natural that the second official document of the union, The Articles of Confederation were written in the same language. Therefor it was logical that the language used to fix the weaknesses of the Articles, (the constitution) would be written in English. In all these documents one thing becomes clear in the language that they are written in, the acceptance of tyranny does not translate very well into English.
Now you know why the left does not want to force people coming to this land, to learn it’s official language!