The lost precincts of Iowa, now here is a real scandal!

Here is a scandal that the press isn’t reporting, about Iowa. Of the 8 lost precincts of Iowa, Romney lost 7 of them in 08, imagine that. The one he did win the vote broke down like this.
Emmet County’s Estherville Ward 2. Romney 6, Huckabee 5, Thompson 5, McCain 4, Paul 1
As you can see Huckabee and Thompson both only lost by 1. The next three precincts Romney didn’t even get 1 vote!
Cerro Gordo County’s Mason City Ward 2, Precinct 3. Mike Huckabee 11,  Paul 10, McCain 5, Thompson 4, Mitt Romney, zero
Lee County’s Fort Madison 4B. Huckabee 6, Paul 1, Thompson 1, Romney zero
Franklin County’s Geneva-Reeve. Huckabee 7, Paul 6, Thompson 4, Romney zero
Here is how the rest of the lost precincts of Iowa vote broke down in 08.
Lee County’s Fort Madison 4A. Huckabee 17, Thompson 7, Romney 4, Paul, zero
Lee County’s Franklin-Cedar-Marion. Huckabee 26, Romney 21, Thompson 9, McCain 9, Paul 5
Lee County’s Washington-Green Bay-Denmark. Huckabee 32, Thompson 19, Romney 13, Paul 12, McCain 11
Pocahontas County’s Center-South Roosevelt-North Lincoln. Huckabee 9, Paul 6, Romney 2, Thompson 2, McCain 2
Is this the type of shenanigans that we can expect from the Republican insiders and the Romney campaign? Will it continue to go unreported by the main stream press, along with Obama’s background.