Grandiose thoughts

I was watching Fox and Friends and they were discussing the debate the night before, 1/19 on CNN. Chris Wallace came on and they asked him about the first question and he thought that is was the right first question. No surprise there. Then they went on to discuss the back and forth between Santorum and Gingrich where Gingrich said he does have grandiose thoughts. Chris Wallace put on his best grin and said that when Newt said that he does have grandiose thoughts, he wonder about that and being how Newt was smarter that he, he looked up the term and found that is was not such a good thing, he then produced his best cute grin. I thought about what Chris said, (all of 5 seconds) and the 1770’s came to mind and a fellow named John Adams. He had a grandiose thought. He thought that the thirteen colonies could band together and separate themselves politically from Great Britain and make it stick. Their was a contemporary of his that had some grandiose thoughts and he wrote them down. Thomas Jefferson was the man and the Declaration of Independence is what he wrote. Now maybe “I’m so cute Wallace” might think that because that document is over a hundred years old, it has no meaning today. No matter, the fact is they were men with some GRANDIOSE THOUGHTS