Republican ruling class throwing tea party under bus.

Today 12/23 Speaker Boehner and senate minority leader McConnell cave to Reid and Obama. The headlines will read McConnell undercuts Boehner or Republican loses political argument on taxes. While senate majority leader steps to the mic. and in essence tells the newly elected house tea party backed members, “This is how it’s done”. Everyone has a stake in keeping the status quo, including so called conservative TV pundits. A case in point!

In Ann Coulter’s latest column “Newt Helped Formulate Christmas” there are signs of serious head trauma. Maybe falling off a skate board or Chris Christie bowing out of the race. Any way apparently anyone who supports Gingrich is not a true old time conservative. Which she must be, because she don‘t. She has no memory of 1983 when Newt co-founded the Conservative Opportunity Society, (as a young congressman) and so it didn’t happen, also because he wasn’t mentioned in Reagan’s book. Well why would she remember, not to long out of high school, (in Connecticut, in 1980). She did lick stamps to put on envelopes that election year, and that makes her an old time conservative. After Bush lost his reelection bid because he didn’t read his own lips and raised taxes, (a move Newt strongly fought against) the new president did something unexpected according to her. Two years later he worked very hard to turn the Democrats out of, not only the house but the senate. Why anyone would think that it had something to do with Newt’s “Contract with American” is now beyond her. She also notes that Boehner as speaker is not “scary” or “unlikable” , this might be true but he can’t even bonk heads with Reid and get an extension of the pay role tax for more than 2 months. How the hell to you lose that battle? I’ve heard that excuse well we control only half of one third….bull, you control the house which is in itself 1/3.  Can you imagine Boehner against a Clinton trying to get welfare reform. Back then we only controlled one 1/2 of each of the 3rds. Maybe we need some scary. Maybe Ann Coulter like others are worried that if the “bombastic” Newt became president and turned the country around, she wouldn’t be able to sell as many “bomb throwing” books wailing against the left. Naah I still say it’s head trauma!   FINAL PROOF she said on the fox news channel she would rather see Ron Paul as president.
A column by Thomas Sowell, click on link.  http://townhall.com/columnists/thomassowell/2011/12/20/the_past_and_the_present/page/full/