Leftism as a communicable disease, George F Will a case study

In one of his books, Thomas Sowell writes about a people whose culture was rooted in the value of education, (language, science and math) and inventiveness. How these people were the first ones in the new world that banned slavery from their communities, (in Pennsylvania and Brazil). That these people could succumb to the insane ideas of one Adolf Hitler was well worth the study of how that happened. Which he did and the results were published. Recently an example as surfaced of the spread of this devastating mental disorder of leftism. It is the case study of a once brilliant conservative whom through constant contact with leftist as begun to think like them. I am talking about George F Will “conservative” columnist of the Washington Post Writers Group and a regular panelist on ABC’s This Week. A show that made a sharp left turn when they got rid of David Brinkley and installed Clinton hack George Stephanopoulos. It appears that he made a statement on that show during the round table, that the one overwhelming thing that would stop Sarah Palin from becoming president is that voters before pulling the lever would realize that as president she would have her finger on the nuclear button. No where did Mr. Will make that observation with regard to candidate Obama. For even thinking that, much less expressing it, would be racist, a “leftist” group think. Another manifestation of this mental disease is the limited scope of the brains ability to think. The leftist brain keeps repeating the same insanity over and over again. Thus it is no surprise that as the disease progresses in Mr. Will that he would resurrect that old argument used against another candidate, Ronald Reagan. Now remember what happened to the German people and then realize that George F Will was once a speech writer for President Reagan. Would it be to much to wonder if he began to be a regular on the “View” how his view on what constitutes rape might be altered.    My thought Art Manger