The lemon aid stand, the canary test of American freedom.

On Wednesday May 11th, Newt Gingrich announced is run for the Presidency of the United States. It was noted by many that he is probably one of the smartest people in any room that he might be in. That he is full of dozens of ideas on a multitude of subjects and that might be one of his major problems. It is akin to saying a theoretical physicist is over qualified to teach science in high school. But the thing that got me thinking about what his run it might truly mean for America was the fact that he is 68 years old.
You see I’m 61 born in 1950 on Long Island, out on the east end of that island is where I grew up. As a young person and like a lot of other young people of that time, I made ventures, (because of my freedom of enterprise) into the business world. I opened up a lemon aid stand one weekend. The start up capital for my business came from my farther and the technical product expertise from my mother. With borrowed equipment from the house, a fold up card table and chair, kitchen stuff to make the lemon aid and a clean manufacturing facility, (mom’s kitchen) to make it in, in no time at all I was outside conducting business. It was then that I decided to take on a partner, (the cute girl down the street). When our enterprise came to an end that weekend it turned out we had made a profit and had learned a little about free enterprise. Product quality, price, and customer service all worked their way into our young psyche and all because a friend of ours a couple of blocks away had the same freedom to engage in the same enterprise that weekend.
Some time ago, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact time, maybe 10, 15 years ago, their was a news report about a young person and a lemon aid stand. It’s seems that this young entrepreneur had forgotten to get all the proper forms inspections and permits or paid all the fees that the various government entities required for the weekend venture. Maybe today an environmental impact statement might be needed and soon a carbon credit purchased from Mr. Gores company. You also might have heard this news story or something similar, a cookie or bake sale without proper government oversight and permission, (permits) being shut down.
The question is where did the freedom I had, (when I had my lemon aid stand) go 30 years later when that young person wanted to do the same damn thing. How was it this freedom was taken from this young person? As anyone 20-80 years of age understands 30 years is not that long a period of time. So were we conquered by North Korea or Cuba? Was a monarchy installed and a decree made? Or did leftist politicians lay down LDA’s (liberty destroying act) over a period of a hundred years, sitting there in our federal codes just waiting for the right time to be sprung.
It’s hard for the average working American to do the research and learn this history of the left. Communist, socialist, progressive, liberal, new progressive or now “no label” they’re all the same just a change of name, they‘re leftist. Which brings me back to Newt Gingrich, as an historian he spent his life learning the history of our nation and how this assault on our freedoms was accomplished. But more than that, is I will bet some 30-35 years ago he had a lemon aid stand.      My thought   art manger