The Model Liberal(and she doesn't even know it)

I have a friend who although doesn’t know it, lives the model liberal life of stagnancy. For the sake of her privacy in this posting I will call her Jane. Jane grew up in a very conservative rural western Pa family. She considers herself conservative. I mean she goes to church, is pro life, pro gun, and always tries to vote that way. The thing is that she is not really all that conservative in practice.

Jane is a single mother. When she was still relatively young, she got pregnant. I won’t judge her on that. Through my teens and most of my twenties I was far from a saint.  Mr. Right at the time turned out to be Mr. Wrong. Jane if she decided to have the child would be stuck on her own as the primary care giver. To Jane’s credit she stuck to her principles and beliefs and decided to have the baby. A lot of others would have just taken the easiest way out and killed the child.

Being a single mother and a good student Jane was able to have her education basically paid for through grants and earn a degree in communications. Being educated with a degree in a field that isn’t completely worthless in an area that hasn’t been hit too bad by the recession you would think she has a full time job. No, sorry she doesn’t. While being a single mother with a low income she discovered a lot of things were subsidized. She lives in a nice apartment that after the government helps pay for is almost rent free. She gets food stamps. When Jane’s daughter was younger she received wick. If she works full time she loses the supplemented housing. She loses the food stamps. She will  lose access to the several welfare programs she on at any given time and are keeping her living basically a middle class lifestyle if she starts earning too much. Besides Mr. Right is sure to come along any day now and that will all end anyway.  She doesn’t want a career she wants to be a housewife.

Now here is where things get really bad. Her now teenaged daughter is getting old enough to make the same mistakes Jane did. Without a strong male role model and a healthy relationship to witness she is actually statistically more likely to make the same mistakes. After she does we are basically stuck paying for it or the rest of her life. With the example Jane set when her does hit a ruff patch she knows no matter what a kind and giving government will help her out. So now in a few short years I am paying for at least three people(if her daughter who we call Jill only has one child). In another 20 I could be paying for who knows how many.

This is all because in our eagerness to help we took accountability and responsibility out of the system that was designed to help. The only thing we seem to be helping is the speed up of our nation going bankrupt and the destruction of our families. What is heartbreaking is most of us know our own “Jane” and usually more than just one. Maybe, I should do a Jane, John, Jill, or Jack posting on a more regular basis.