Taxes The 47% Pay

Mitt Romney’s comment of the 47% who don’t pay federal income taxes holds true. It hurt him though. Why because he failed to realize that although those 47% might not pay income taxes(I will not either) we still do pay taxes. He failed to show along with others in the party running how much the government really cuts into our pockets through tax and regulation. Here is my short list on some of those things that have and will directly affect the middle class.

1. Smoking sin taxes. Smokers are the hated minority. I know because I am one. It is the easiest group in the country to tax at any level of government. The tobacco lobby has all but since stopped fighting back because the cost gets put on the consumer and not them. As a result in the decade and a half I have been smoking the cost for me has nearly tripled. Sin taxes, court settlements, and regulation has all added to the cost. Who does this directly affect the most? It affects the poor and middle class who make up the balk of smokers and who feel it the most when prices rise. With such a hated group though it is hard to defend taxing and regulation though. It did open the door though for the nanny state to move against my number two point.

2. Junk Food. Everything from fast food to candy and sodas are about to be taxed and regulated all under the mask of being for our own good. We as a nation are becoming too fat and unhealthy. We need people like Michelle Obama to save us from ourselves. Besides taxing and regulating these things will be a win win for everyone. Increased costs will force people to eat healthier and the extra revenue can help pay for health care costs. One problem though the increased costs once again affect the poor and middle classes the hardest. Oh well another argument we are failing to make.

3. Increased gas prices. This affects the cost of everything. I could write several articles on this alone. Every product you own has to be produced and shipped. You have to get to work. That simple. The cost of gas goes up or stays high and everyone feels it. Another argument failed to be made.

4. Increased electricity. I wonder how people in swing states like Fl and Pa will feel when the cost of there electric skyrockets with power plants being forced to shut down. Another thing that affects every faucet of the economy. If electric goes up then factories are spending more to produce. There product then costs more to sell. Wall Mart still has to pay its electric bill also so that product just became more. Your now sweating bullets because you can’t afford to run the AC with the power bill going up.

Those were just 4 things that affect large amounts of people and not just the evil 1%. Conservatives once again have failed to make that argument. I doubt they will make them next election cycle or anytime in between.