I want to start by apologizing for any errors in spelling and grammar. This is my first attempt at public writing. Hopefully it will get better over time. Now on to the issue at hand, electability. On this subject on this site I think I am already preaching to the converted. We lost the election when Mittens won the nomination. The one key reason for nominating him we were told by hags like Coulter was electability. You can see her column on Red State’s parent site saying not to blame Mittens for loosing. Well I just don’t blame him. I blame people like you for shoving him down my throat.

I will say in fairness to the party there was not much to choose from. We had a GW type of conservative in Rick Santorum who was not really conservative(social conservative does not mean conservative all around), a woman who just screamed flake(Bachman), Mr 9-9-9 Herman Cain, a walking bag of personal disasters( Newt), and Ron Paul. Sadly though anyone of them would have been better than what we ran against Obama.

I have to wonder where all the young up and coming Tea Party hot shots were during the primary. Too chicken to run and loose against an incumbent president. That says volumes about there character. They get a share of the blame for not giving us something better to pick from.

Also uninformed voting is worse than not voting at all. If all you can do is quote an Anne Coulter column on his merits stay home especially during the primary. If not work a little harder and inform yourself. If you would have you might not have thought that the governor of a liberal state who nominated liberal judges and signed a gun ban during his time in office was not the savior of the conservative cause.