Two Days in February - the Tipping Point for Freedom in Venezuela

Today, February 22, and tomorrow will be landmark dates in the popular revolution to overthrow Maduro’s deadly regime in Venezuela.

Today–10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Eastern time) is Richard Brandon’s “Venezuela Aid Live” concert on the Colombian side of the border, expecting to raise $10 million for food and medicine for the people of Venezuela who are being starved by dictator Maduro.

Watch it here: VenezuelaAidLive.com Watch and donate.

Tomorrow, February 23, is the showdown at the Colombian border, where the interim president, Jose Guaido will lead a huge group of people, many dressed in white, to the border to try to bring in huge supplies of food and medicine that Mad Maduro is blocking. There might be a confrontation with the Venezuelan army–or hopefully the military will refuse to fight.

Either way, the next two days are pivotal in advancing the popular revolution against the regime that is starving it’s population to death.

People are starving in Venezuela–there’s no food in the government-approved shops due to insane price controls. Hospitals have no medicine. Water and electricity are scarce. Gasoline is in such shortages that cars are lined up for a mile and more when a station gets some–in the country with the largest reserves in the world–the Communist government can’t even maintain existing wells, much less drill new ones.

Dictators in their final days often go full psycho, and Maduro is following that pattern to his more rapid end.

There’s no more insane way for Maduro to try to win back the support of the starving people than to make his final stand be to block huge shipments of food and medicine.

These two days may be where the rank and file military refuse to fight for Maduro or throw their support for Guaido. The corrupt officers may go down fighting, but the rest will be eager to welcome food because they are starving too–why fight to perpetuate their starvation and poverty?

Vice President Pence will go to Colombia on Monday in support of freedom in Venezuela.

It’s time for Maduro and his corrupt officers to flee to Cuba before they are dragged through the streets by the furious population.

Prayers please.


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Art Harman is the Director of the Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration. He was the Legislative Director and foreign policy advisor for Rep. Stockman (R-Texas) in the 113th Congress, and is a veteran policy analyst and grass-roots political expert. His expertise includes foreign relations, border security/amnesty, national security, transportation, foreign broadcasting and NASA/space policy.
Mr. Harman developed the strategy to kill the 2013 Senate “gang of eight” amnesty bill as violating the Origination Clause, and provided policy advice to the Trump campaign, transition. and White House. He wrote what became the ‘bible’ of post-Brexit trade relations which was introduced in 2016 by Sen. Mike Lee as S. 3123, the United Kingdom Trade Continuity Act. Harman is a frequent guest on radio shows on key policy issues, and is an expert photographer.