Updated: The Deal to Remove North Korea's Kim Regime

Real international relations are not pretty when behind closed doors, particularly when dealing with adversaries.

In public it seems so quaint and agreeable. Photo ops. Holding your pinkie just so for tea. Receptions and banquets where every action is choreographed and the smiles at least appear genuine. However, back of the carefully couched euphemisms could be arguments, threats, or who knows, maybe a rhetorical fist fight.

Were I president, here’s the deal I might make with China on North Korea:

President Xi, you and your predecessors built North Korea into its current nuclear threat to civilization. It was premeditated. You sold your submarine launched ballistic missiles to North Korea. Shall I go on? Solid fuel missile technology, nuclear technology, re-entry technology. They didn’t get those from Walmart. Condoning the use of your nation for smuggling. I won’t bore you with more of what you know too well.

You already know the United States may be forced to take out the regime in Pyongyang, and if we do, we both know there will be a vast treasure trove of documents detailing your intimate and knowing complicity to arm North Korea with advanced nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

We both know you could eliminate the Kim family and the leadership, probably in less time than it takes to have this conversation.

So here’s the ‘buy it now’ deal. Make the Kim regime vanish any way you see fit. Do that before the end of June, and it’s all your baby. Best of all, you’ll get to burn all the incriminating documents that otherwise would cause investors to flee your country.

If you’d rather not, I don’t care too much. We could remake that peninsula in ways you might not care for. Worse, it will be us that get our hands on those documents and “Made in China” labels, and you’ll see them all on Wikileaks before you can blink.

You have an hour to freshen up for dinner.

Sound a bit harsh or, gasp, “warmongering?” I can assure you that this conversation would be tame compared to how past presidents kept the peace through strength.


President Trump seems to have followed a similar line of thinking, as expressed publicly in Tweets on April 11:

Art Harman was the Legislative Director and foreign policy advisor for Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) in the 113th Congress, and is a veteran policy analyst and grass-roots political expert. His expertise includes foreign relations, border security/amnesty, national security, transportation and NASA/space policy. Mr. Harman developed the strategy to kill the 2013 Senate “gang of eight” amnesty bill as violating the Origination Clause, and provided policy advice to the Trump campaign and transition. He is a frequent guest on radio shows on key policy issues.