Drain the Swamp! - Hillary's Classified Email to Chelsea is Illegal

hillary-chelsea-classifiedChelsea Clinton has no known security clearance, and certainly no legitimate reason to hold one. She is not employed by the government. Passing classified materials to such a person is absolutely illegal.

That didn’t stop Hillary Clinton from sending a classified email to her daughter, Chelsea on the family’s insecure basement server.

Sent on December 20, 2009 from Hillary to “Diane Reynolds,” at [email protected], the entire contents of the email were redacted by the State Department and branded with a “classified” tag. “Diane Reynolds” was a known alias and email address of Chelsea Clinton.

We won’t know what secrets Hillary sent until 2024, when it would be legally declassified. But Hillary and Chelsea know.

Perhaps realizing the criminal nature of sending this classified document to someone who holds no clearance, the email was deleted, which was tagged as “PR_RIM_DELETED_BY_DEVICE: true.”

Under questioning, Hillary Clinton has said the only emails she deleted were her personal emails, which only dealt with topics like “yoga” and her granddaughter.

WikiLeaks revealed that on March 2, 2015, John Podesta wrote to Cheryl Mills at her private gmail address that, “On another matter….and not to sound like Lanny, but we are going to have to dump all those emails so better to do so sooner than later.” They knew that to protect the Clinton Foundation’s “pay to play” scam, and secure their future power in a Clinton White House, they must hide these crimes.

Collusion, obstruction of justice, destroying evidence. Makes President Nixon’s secretary Rosemary Wood’s famous ’18-1/2 minute gap’ look trivial by contrast.

The takeaway is that Americans must never entrust the highest office in the land to one who has betrayed the secrets of our nation, violated the law, and repeatedly lied to cover up her crimes.

If you have any doubt that Donald Trump would make a better and more ethical president than Hillary Clinton, that Clinton sent classified information to her daughter alone should be sufficient evidence.

Art Harman was the Legislative Director for Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX) in the 113th Congress. He was dubbed “The Bill Killer” by Roll Call for his work to kill the 2013 Senate “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill.

Mr. Harman has worked in public policy for his career, and is also the Founder and Director of the Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration – www.SaveMannedSpace.com which focuses on restoring a great space program following Obama’s destruction of plans to go to the Moon and Mars. His expertise covers foreign relations, border security/amnesty, national security, energy, trade, transportation, science, technology and space. He is a frequent guest on radio shows on key policy issues.