It's the Socialism, Stupid! Hillary Clinton's non-battle against Bernie Sanders

Hillary Alinsky Letter
Hillary’s friendship with radical Socialist Saul Alinsky reveals why she gives Bernie a pass on Socialism

“It’s the Socialism, stupid!”

That message might be Hillary Clinton’s only ticket to salvaging her campaign. Instead, she is picking at Bernie Sanders over minor issues, while the 800-pound gorilla of Socialism gobbles up youth who haven’t yet learned what paying taxes or starting businesses are all about.

Hillary has zero paths remaining to the nomination as the “Bernie-Lite-who-women-must-vote-for-by-gender.” Likewise, “I’m the responsible Socialist” won’t work, because if Bernie’s voters have no clue why Socialism destroys nations and prosperity, why not get the real thing and grab all the free stuff before we become like Venezuela and fights erupt over the last roll of toilet paper.

The only possible message that might save the Democrats from themselves would be for Hillary to show how Bernie would “Greece” or “Venezuela” our economy, and make make those failed states look responsible by comparison to Bernie’s promised tax-and-spend-spree.

Hillary could ridicule Bernie as a crazy man on the loose with your credit card, who would double the national debt and drive entrepreneurs and Bernie’s hated “millionaires and billionaires” to other, less taxed and regulated countries. Trust me, in a global economy, the “millionaires and billionaires” will not sit still and let Bernie destroy the wealth which they use to create millions of jobs–they’ll  flee just as French millionaires fled Paris because of President Francois Hollande’s millionaire tax.

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher remarked that “the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.” Sadly both Sanders and Clinton are in a race to run off that cliff, at which time we will indeed become “Greece” or “Venezuela.”

Reality check:

The truth is Hillary would no more renounce Socialism than confess about her top secret emails and complicity in Benghazi and Iran, and Hillary will continue her only remaining strategy of getting nasty with Bernie on everything except Socialism–even if it costs her the nomination.


Hillary, who studied and befriended radical Socialist Saul Alinsky, seems just as happy with Socialism as Bernie.