Did President Obama Violate Laws in Emails with Hillary Clinton?

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Some may remember the infamous 18-minute gap in President Nixon’s “Watergate tapes,” where a key and potentially-incriminating conversation about Watergate was deliberately erased to protect the President and his aides.

The erased conversation was never recovered, depriving investigators and the public of the facts. That was not good enough for the American people, and the cover-up contributed to the plans to impeach Nixon.

The Truth:

Now, the State Department reveals that that in addition to 22 newly-discovered ‘top secret’ emails, there were at least 18 emails exchanged between President Obama and Secretary Clinton using Hillary’s private clintonemail.com server, all of which will be kept secret from the public and investigators.

The Lie:

The President declared in 2015 that he did not learn about Hillary’s home-built and insecure server until “everybody else learned it through news reports.” His defense was exposed as a lie by the revelations in these newly-released emails.

At the time Obama claimed he had no knowledge of Hillary’s insecure server, he pledged that “my emails, the Blackberry I carry around, all those records are available and archived. I’m glad that Hillary’s instructed that those emails about official business need to be disclosed.” Congress must take him up on his offer and investigate all emails between the President and Hillary on the insecure server.

Also in 2015, Hillary Tweeted that ”I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible.” Hillary should herself reveal the contents to the investigators and pubic.

The President should be held to his word, and disclose all of his emails to and from Hillary’s private server. To keep them hidden from investigators is little different from Nixon’s deliberately-created “18-minute gap,” and raises immense questions about why the coverup.

When asked about classification, State Department Spokesman John Kirby claimed the emails between the President and Hillary “have not been determined to be classified”–a very soft and evasive answer, and the opposite from “have been determined to not be classified.”

Just 18?

The 18 emails might be the tip of the iceberg–who can know? How many more is not a question the American people should be forced to wonder and speculate upon, and the legal question of whether or not secret and above communications between the two passed through the insecure server must be honestly answered and proven by independent authorities.

What is equally alarming is that exchanging emails with the Secretary of State on a .com address should have attracted massive red flags from the President as well as his security staff, who should be paying very close attention to who has access to the President’s email.

The Remedy:

This administration–in fact any administration–cannot police itself; the very concept is a conflict of interest. Therefore, Congress must assure there is no cover-up and appoint a special prosecutor to uncover the truth, subpoena all emails between the President and Hillary’s insecure server, and assure that the FBI has complete access to those emails.

The American people deserve to know all the facts about Hillary’s illegal use of her home-brew server for classified documents, and given the exchange of emails between the President and Hillary on the unsecured server, the American people also deserve to learn what the President knew, and when he knew it.


(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)