Hold China Responsible for Hacking Federal Employee Database

The recently discovered hacking of the Federal government employee database has been tied to the Chinese government. Time and again, China has targeted U.S. and western computers for intellectual property and military intelligence purposes.

In general, China pays no non-rhetorical price for these attacks on the United States, and over many years they have plundered our defense and IP secrets to their great advantage, and to the detriment of American companies and our ability to defend our nation.

Allowing China to hack our computers with impunity is an invitation for continued and greater attacks. The U.S. must therefore make the spoils of their crimes not worth the price.

The survival of the Chinese Communist Party as a monopoly party is highly dependent upon continued censorship of the news and of communications between the Chinese people. Dissent is contagious and is treated as an existential threat to the CCP.

If the U.S. crashed Beijing’s ‘Great Firewall’ of internet censorship for even a few weeks as punishment for their hacking, the CCP would witness their power slipping as opposing opinions flourished in a free market of ideas on building China’s future. Such opinions would include establishing a modern multi-party system and a popularly-elected parliament, as well as exposing human rights atrocities and protecting the freedoms of speech and religion.

Additional punishments could target P.L.A. Unit 61398, the army unit which commands ongoing internet assaults on foreign governments and companies, as well as the army of internet censors who spy on their citizens and crush dissent.

If at present we cannot take out these hostile systems, then our Army Cyber Command had better get busy, for the moment China goes beyond stealing our national security and IP secrets to a shooting war, the first shots fired will likely be in the cyber space, and our defense will be endangered if we can’t effectively shut down China’s offensive capabilities.

Targeting the elements of state repression of the Chinese people and threatening the monopoly of the CCP would be an effective way to make the rewards of hacking more expensive than the price.

Chinese Government Hacking U.S. Computer Databases