Help threatened allies with surplus military equipment

The President is ending transfers of some military equipment and weapons to domestic law enforcement agencies.

Rather than destroy or warehouse such equipment, the United States should offer it to those allies and friendly nations which are under attack or threatened with possible attack.

By transferring useful hardware to Ukraine; the Kurdistan Regional Government; Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia; Israel; Taiwan; Egypt; Saudi Arabia, and other threatened friendly nations and strategic allies; the United States can contribute to their defense and to worldwide peacekeeping.

During the 113th Congress, Congressman Stockman worked to prohibit the destruction of U.S. military equipment as operations wound down in Afghanistan without first offering it to such allied nations.

If we can’t use it, let’s give it to those who need it for their survival.


Art Harman was the Legislative Director and foreign affairs advisor to Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX-36) in the 113th Congress.