North Korea: A greater threat than most want to believe

The world was startled at reports from North Korea that Kim Jong Un executed his defense chief with anti-aircraft artillery for falling asleep during a meeting

1. There’s likely far more to the execution than ‘falling asleep.’ Consolidation of power or a power struggle would be more credible reasons for this barbarity.

2. This is further proof that Kim Jong Un might be insane enough to use or sell nuclear weapons.

North Korean Rocket Range
North Korean Rocket Range

Here’s why North Korea and Iran each pose a critical and asymmetric threat to the United States: just two atomic bombs used in an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack would kill an estimated 90% of Americans within a year from the long-term collapse of the electric grid, water, communications and other utilities.

As a result of this increasing threat, the US must proof up our grid from EMP attack & solar storms to reduce vulnerability to such attacks. Iran could also launch such an attack to fulfill their repeated promises against us.

As is the case with Iran, the possibilities of atomic war initiated by North Korea will not vanish or be delayed or reduced by appeals to reason, negotiations, treaties, or any form of appeasement.

North Korea is not led by rational actors, however they know how to play the United States and the West to perpetually keep alive hopes for disarmament while they relentlessly build atomic bombs, ICBMs and submarine launched missiles. Iran is following the same strategy to their spectacular advantage.

The only possibility of creating a somewhat more rational government and ending the threat of nuclear war would be internally or externally-directed regime change. This should be one of the highest covert priorities for the next president.

News: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/05/13/n-korea-executes-defense-chief-for-falling-asleep-during-meeting-s-korea-spy/

EMP Threat: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/050914-700375-electric-grid-vulnerable-to-emp-attack.htm 

Art Harman was the Legislative Director and foreign affairs advisor to Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX-36) in the 113th Congress.

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