On WMAL Radio: Iran is following North Korean Nuclear Playbook

I was on WMAL Radio this week with Larry O’Connor regarding the Iranian nuclear deal. I explained how Iran is following the exact same playbook as North Korea used in buying time until they completed and tested their atomic bomb.

North Korea’s tactics included claiming their program was only for peaceful nuclear power, kicking out and later re-inviting inspectors, making promises in exchange for removing sanctions and then breaking agreements upon removal, demanding bribes of aid, getting delisted as a state sponsor of terror, launching missiles, and threatening war.

Even after North Korea tested their bomb, they continued to demand–and get–concessions in exchange for never-realized promises to stop bomb production.

The only difference in negotiations with Iran is that the North Korean talks were also aimed at stopping production of ICBMs. We didn’t even ask Iran to stop ICBM production. ICBMs have only one purpose: to launch weapons of mass destruction to the United States and other nations far from Iran.

Iran’s negotiating playbook and track record is a mirror image, and will end the same way.