Vote for Obama and You Will Enable a Dictatorship

If you vote for Obama you will be enabling the start of a dictatorship. Let me talk straight. My parents came to this country from Cuba in 1959. Most of you know that Cuba is a country led by a dictatorship otherwise known as the Castro brothers. The Castro brothers are all Government – big government – they control the people of Cuba – they remove the freedom of choice from the people of Cuba. They brain wash the people of Cuba to believe that their policies are the best policies for the people and their families.

The unfortunate reality is – the people of Cuba live in a terrible economy. They lost their freedom of choice long ago and continue to struggle on a daily basis. They want freedom – just like you and me that live in the United States; the greatest country in the world. But they are burdened with the fact that the leaders of their country are corrupted politicians who communicate with terrorists and other corrupted evil people like Chavez of Venezuela.

Listen – if you think our economy is bad now; just imagine what it would be like with the Obama/Biden ticket. Bottom line – if Obama is in office; he will grow government; increase spending by over a trillion dollars, close small businesses by not supporting them and increasing their taxes. All the people of this country will suffer in one way or another.

The choices are simple *- you don’t need to watch the liberal media/news that wants you to believe what is really a bunch of lies. The facts are clear; learn for yourself; do the study/research. For the sake of our countries security and our troops and allies around the world; vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. Don’t be fooled by propaganda; we don’t need another dictatorship in this world. Don’t make the wrong decision. McCain is not Bush and should not be blamed for the last 8 years. Don’t buy into the false marketing ploys – you are much too smart. If you vote Obama, not only will this man help run our country into the ground; but you will have a complete liberal controlled government that will grow our government and control your life more then you can ever imagine. *If you enjoy your freedom of choice, enjoy tax cuts for your family and don’t want the government to make your decisions; the choice is simple – VOTE MCCAIN/PALIN.

Visit www.johnmccain.com and sign up today to spread the truth. There are only weeks left to save this country from any further ruin. The real change is with McCain/Palin – they will clean up the corrupted politicians and make them famous. Don’t delay one minute – act today – stand tall and be proud of a country that your children and grandchildren will one day run. Power to the people!!