Barbara Boxer: The U.S. Senate's "Maestro"

It’s been three weeks since Sen. Barbara Boxer lectured an Army general for having the temerity to call her “ma’am,” so this item is a bit dated. However, I caught a rerun of the “Maestro” episode of “Seinfeld” last night and was struck by the similarities between Boxer and Cobb. If you’re not familiar with the exchange between Boxer and the general, here is a video:


And now, here is the exchange between Bob Cobb and Elaine:

WAITER: Are you ready to order?

ELAINE: Oh God. What are you getting Bob? (Maestro looks at Elaine with an annoyed look on his face)

MAESTRO: Good question. (to waiter) We’ll need a few minutes.(Maestro puts his head in his hand. He is visibly upset)

MAESTRO: You know, I’m sorry but, I didn’t mention it earlier but actually I preferred to be called Maestro.

ELAINE: Excuse me?

MAESTRO: Well, ya know I am a conductor.

ELAINE: Yeah, so?

MAESTRO: Oh I suppose it’s O.K. for Leonard Burnstein to be called Maestro because he conducted the New York Philharmonic. So he gets to be called Maestro and I don’t.