A "Red State" Truth Commission

I wrote a book last year entitled “What Really Happened: The Story of Clinton Inc.’s Efforts to Rewrite Bill Clinton’s Record on Iraq and Terrorism.” It’s on Amazon.com and elsewhere, but I’m an unknown author with no literary agent and with no budget to promote it on my own. I wrote the book inform fellow conservatives, but a book that is not bought cannot inform. Therefore, I’m sharing it for free at http://www.sinsofthehusband.com/whatreallyhappened.pdf

The book includes the following chapters:


1. The Mythmaking Begins.




2. Against All Facts



3. The “Obsession” with bin Laden

4. Ignored Warnings

5. Al Qaeda-Iraq Links

6. Hyping the Iraqi Threat

7. Threatening Storm in a Teapot

8. In Bed with Ahmed

9. The Doctrine of Preemption

10. Our Addiction to Foreign Oil

11. The Unfriendly Skies

12. The World Hates Us

13. Media Matters for Hillary

14. Like Sloths to a Plame


15. Miscellaneous Moonbat Myths
I began collecting the materials for this book several years ago after discovering a large collection of Clinton admin press releases on the web sites of the U.S. embassies in Israel and Italy. Some of those press releases are posted at http://www.sinsofthehusband.com/iraqthreat.html

My book is full of information concerning the Clinton administration’s record on Iraq and terrorism, and includes more than 500 footnotes to refer you to the original documentation. Please share the book with your friends and family, use the material to write letters to editor and/or your congressman. If you don’t have time to read it now, please download it now so you don’t forget later.

Dick Cheney did an excellent job of getting the facts out there today. It’s time for us to get behind him and fight back against the liberals who are lying about the Bush administration’s fight against terrorism.